Thursday, 4 October 2018

Jadi, saya atau aku?

Sejak awal blog ini lahir di 2009, rasanya kok nggak konsisten dalam penggunaan kata sapa.
Kadang saya, kadang aku. Sepertinya, akan lebih enak dan menyenangkan kalau dikonsistenkan mau pakai yang mana. Cuma kalau dipikir-pikir, di sisi lain, lebih nyaman lagi kalau penggunaan kata saya atau aku disesuaikan dengan konteks yang ingin ditulis dan diceritakan.

Biarkan saya atau aku sendiri yang akan memilih, mana yang lebih nyaman digunakan dan dituliskan dalam postingan tertentu. Jadi.. nggak perlu milih salah satu lah ya. Two is better than one.


Thursday, 27 September 2018

Sharing Information

It is widely believed that an institution has its own regulation of deciding the information to be shared. Some people think that information in scientific research, business, and academic is worth distributing as many as possible, but it could also be argued that some pieces of information are too valuable to be published. This essay will examine both opposing views.

Sharing information is exciting. By doing that, someone can be a part of the world or specific major development through educating others. For example, in the field of science, a long time ago when electricity was found, Michael Faraday happily shared the information and knowledge from his finding to others. Thus, a couple years later, there were several new inventions such as television, the radio, handphone, and so forth. However, at the present, in the field of business, sharing some exploration will increase our competitor gradually. As a result, knowing a proper moment and considering which information can be announced is very important.

On the other hand, giving out our discoveries is priceless because those can make the development of our institution in a danger. Smartphones, computer, laptops, and technologies are the popular highlight for people. People are dying to find out which brand of smartphones are in the first rank. Somehow, some company imitates the shape, the interface also features other types, and give the lower price to the customer. They are trying to gain as much as the customer as they can. Unfortunately, it harms their competitions. Moreover, the sole presence of information given by an institution or someone can limit them to get partnership possibility.

To sum up, caring through sharing still one of the kindest things in science, business, and academic. This goes without saying that the world can actually benefit from our inventions. Yet, the company or institutions have to meticulously choose which part is good to be shared and which is proper to be kept.


I am trying to kill my "gabut" time with learning about how to write IELTS writing task 2.

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Should parents spend more time with children helping them with their homework?

It is widely believed that parents should expend more time with their kids and helping them to do the assignments from school. This can be seen from the current time, some working parents trying their best to manage their busy time. Some people think that this solution could be very effective, but it could also be argued that seeking for a private teacher or a course will be better. This essay will examine both opposing views.

Those who are in favour of this idea have some logical arguments to support. Firstly, the relationship between parents and children should be bond since the early age. One of the actions that can be implemented is spending more time in assisting them in doing their homework. In my opinion, children will feel that their parents put their attention to them. Likewise, parents can sharpen their understanding of their children's character. On the other hand, letting the children finish their works by themselves or with the help of others is also important because it could improve their social ability and independence.

Those who oppose the idea of parents should spare more time to help children finishing their tasks also have strong opinions. The independence and socialisation skills of children will be boosted as the benefit of allowing their children to get a private or a group course. It can make the children observe and discover themselves more. In addition, their communication skill will be improved as well. Thus, parents no longer need to worry about their kids.

To sum up, fulfilling the necessity of the children is essential. Parents should know which one is the best one for their children. Furthermore, the choice that every parent choose could not be generalised one to the other.


I am trying to kill my "gabut" time with learning about how to write IELTS writing part 2.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Economic Growth

It is widely believed that the governments have a responsibility of making a specific progress to reach the goals of a country. Some people think that economic progress is the most essential factor, but it could also be argued that another factors such as welfare, education, health, and infrastructure are also important. This essay will examine both opposing views.

Economic growth is vital for a country. The number of biodiversities, manpower, technology, and social system can affect the economic condition. For instance, Indonesia has extremely varied of biodiversity. Many rice fields, huge oceans, and a plethora of natural resources can be found. However, Indonesia still has a huge problem with poverty. Even though the parents working as a farmer, it does not mean the family will have a good food to consume every day. On the other hand, many farmers are deceived because they do not have enough knowledge of the market trade. Thus, besides economics, education is also a primary element to avoid these issues.

Moreover, infrastructure, materials, and distribution, also welfare have merely affected this problem. As we know, some regions in this country still could not be accessed easily because of the poor infrastructure. In addition, the giving out of substance to several areas is being unreachable and causing a great gap level of welfare. The sole presence of prioritizing economic by the governments can cause an imbalance in other factors. Therefore, the harmony of many factors should be concerned by the governments.

In conclusion, every aspect of progress is equally important, to sum up, a country to grow. This means that governments should be aware of the balance proportion in collaborating one to another. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand how to connect the dots among those aspects.


I am trying to kill the "gabut" time with learning about how to write IELTS writing task 2.  

Monday, 24 September 2018

Between Good News and Bad News

It is widely believed that the news editor is in charge of deciding the news to be aired and printed. There are some factors that need to be taken into account before doing such a task, namely hot issues, current trends, and real-time events.

The bad news is inevitable. Natural disasters, crimes, corruptions, poverty, and hunger happen in our society. For instance, a couple week ago there was an earthquake in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Many people were killed, tremendous houses were broken, and a lot of people experienced a traumatic moment in their life. However, at the same time, Indonesia also host one of the greatest sports tournament in Asia called Asian Games which is held in Jakarta and Palembang. As a result, broadcast media in Indonesia have to meticulously choose the proper time to publish both opposing news.

Good news, on the other hand, is always exciting to be heard. Achievements, celebrations, unique discoveries, can brighten our days. People are dying to find out whether Indonesia has got several gold medals at the beginning of Asian Games 2018. Moreover, the sole presence of negative news launched by the editor can bring people down. Thus, the existence of positive news is also needed to be maintained.

To sum up, the varied news in the media is essential. This means that the proportion of both news has to be balanced. Furthermore, it is vital for the editor to make sure that they have an appropriate combination of news to be released.


I am trying to kill the "gabut" time with learning about how to write IELTS writing task 2.