Sunday, 31 January 2010

10 sickness of the heart

1. You believe in the existence of God, but you don't fulfil his command
2. You say you love your prophet, but you don't follow his sunnah

3. You read The Holy Qur'an, but you don't put it in practice
4. You acknowledge satan as your enemy, but you don't fight against him

5. You enjoy all benefit from Allah, but you aren't thankful to him

6. You want to enter paradise, but you don't work for it

7. You don't want to be thrown into hell fire, bur you don't try to run away from it

8. You believe every living things will die, but you don't prepare for it

9. You make gossip and criticize other people, but you forget your own fault

10. You Bury the dead, but you don't take it as a lesson

are that true ? :O

*hehe cumak copas dari catetan bing nya pak toni

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