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Things You Should Do When You Lost Your Passport

It's undesirable feeling. You are just catching your ice cream and got relax for a while after the hectic days. You just had a short conversation with your friends about the plan which you all been prepared to spent your two days in the capital city of a country before you board the plane home. When your friends collect their passport to one pocket, you just keep in mind where are yours. You try to stay as calm as you could and walk a little bit fast than your friends did.

You just opened your bag in the bus baggage and you took all your item out. You shake your things, and repeat it twice. Then you realized, it's vanish. You had ask the committee of the event you participated to re-check your room, is there anything left behind your room. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

Trying not to looks panic, you took a deep breathe and slowly plotting your mind about to do in the next day. Of course, if your passport surely gone.

That were happened to me on my very first experienced going aboard for a poster presentation in Malaysia. I went there with my friends.

I don't tell anyone until a proper situation came and still had a breakfast with them all also arranging our short escape day in KL before we go back to Jogjakarta. I told them that I had been contact my friend who will going to KL by plane those afternoon. I asked her to looking for my passport at Alor Setar Airport, but after she arrived she told me that nobody saw it.

Finally the breakfast was done, my friends started to walking to KL Sentral to catch the train. And me, trying to be calm. Then I told them that I really lost my passport. I have to go to the central police and KBRI if I still wanted to go back to Indonesia together with them. I also told them it is not a big deal if I have to go there by myself because it was absolutely my fault. My carelessness.

I still walk together with them until the escalator and turn left towards the police office below the KL Sentral Station. Yea, sadly, we separated into two groups. Below, I will going to tell you in several points what things you should do when you lost your passport in foreign country.

I told you that it needs a little patient and also money.

Stay Calm and Try to Catch Information

Be calm, if you can't just try to be. Because if you going to be panic, everyone else will be the same or more. If you didn't go with your family, please keep silent and don't tell them about this. I said that because at that time I didn't want my parents going to be panic, overthink and also I didn't want them mad at me when I am at those kind of situation.

Catch your smartphone and try to catch any information about losing passport in a foreign language. I bet an abundant information will appear in your smartphone's screen and you will find the following steps below. (this is my version, based on my exploration and my experience)

Prepare Your Document(s)

At the beginning, before we got our passport, we need to bring all the requirements which mentioned at immigration website in a one folder. Prepare a copy of it and also your (lost) passport, but if you don't have, at least their photo. So, you can print them at Indonesian embassy or everywhere else.

Go to The Police and Declare Your Passport is Missing

As soon as you realized your passport is missing, go to the nearest police office and told them. You have to made a description missing letter. At that time, I had been went to a small police office below the train station, but the police told me to go to the central police office a few kilometers away.

Before you go to the central police office, it would be better if you have make a copy of your identity card (e-KTP for Indonesian), but, if your problem like me... I mean, you lost your identity card too with your passport because you put it inside your passport, you can make a copy for your driver license or your student card from university. After that, just asks the receptionist and them will tell you where should you go. You'll be interviewed about who you are, where are you from, what did you do go there, et cetera. It depends on the interviewer, I think. Because my friend told me, when he was in another country the interviewer were very grumpy. I am blessed, I got a very very hospitality interviewer.

Go to The Embassy

I thank God because we were at the capital city, so, we could catch the Indonesian Embassy easier. Based on my experience, I have to take and fill a form which declare that my passport is missing. Then, I walked to the locket and the teller told me to take a photo first. I follow her suggestion and go back to the locket, and yeah... the locket were closed.  It would be open again at about 1 pm.

My friends and I decided to pray first. After we pray, we go back to the locket and I cheated on people. I look at my number and I look at the number were appear on the screen. My friends told me, if I want this step to be faster, I have to screw up courage to ask the teller and come forward before the person who has the number which been mentioned on the screen sat down. What did I do? Absolutely, I did it. Because I still want to go back to Indonesia with all of them.

Firstly, the teller told me that it will gonna be impossible to got the SPLP in a day. Because at lease it needs about three days, but I set my mercies face in front of her and try to speak slowly. I explained her why I must got the SPLP at that day. And you know what, guys... The teller pitying me and seeking for a help.

I think Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia were never been quiet. With all the hopes, prays and faith... my name had been mentioned and I have no queuing in a long time. The teller told me to go to the immigration as soon as I can. Because it will be closed at 5 pm.

Get Your Conditional Passport at Immigration

After you got all your documents or slips from your Embassy, all you need is going to the immigration to do the payment (I do not know, it was just on Malaysia or in another country too. It can be different, guys). Please make sure you have all your documents copied.

Ask the security where is the place you want to go, and he will going to tell you where should you go. After that just take your number and wait until your number been mentioned. But, if your case is the same as mine, you have to come forward and tell the teller your story. Show them that you really need your conditional passport. No offense if you will be scolded by the staff or teller. It's because you were careless and lost your proper document to live in foreign country.

In Malaysia, you have to catch 4th floor and then I ask the staff or teller I don't know exactly.... and I told her slowly and clearly. Then she scolding at me because of my carelessness. She also asks me why I bought the ticket for tomorrow if my passport were missing....and I directly told her that I had been bought it before I came there.

note: make sure where are the immigration take place. because based on my experience, we didn't know that the immigration had been moved to another place, but we already at Putrajaya. The old immigration, in the middle of no where with no public transportation. I thank God that I could phone the taxi driver and ask him to go back then took us to the right immigration.

Complete The Payment and Grab Your Conditional Passport

I've told you before that need a little patient, time and also money to proceed all of this. After my document been collected by the staff, they told me to take the queue number. A few moments later, my number were mentioned then I come forward and complete the payment. Finally, my conditional passport (SPLP for Indonesian) already in my hand and I can go back to Indonesia with my friends.


That's all about my experience. I hope it could be a great lesson to all of us that we have to be careful everywhere. I also hope, it could help you or everyone around you when  you or them have the similar case with me. Once more, please be careful. Because I have spent about 200 MYR or more during processing the things mentioned above. And I need more money too, to get my new passport after I arrived in Indonesia. Imagine if you be careful and take care of your things well, you can use your money to buy more important things.

I also feel grateful having all those kind of experience. I thank God, it was just in the country near to mine and has the similar language with mine. I couldn't imagine if it were happened in the country far from mine, with a lot of different culture, and different language. Alhamdulillaah.

Last but not least, thanks to all my friends who had been helping me from the very first time I realized my passport were lost until I got the conditional one. I am counting on you all.

p.s: I am so sorry for my bad grammar, I just want to try write down my story in English.



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