Monday, 2 January 2017

A dream is a wish your heart makes


I do believe that nothing is impossible in this world. If you still didn't believe that everything is possible, let's take a look back in 2016. Trump was chosen as American President, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth getting back together and Leonardo Dicaprio won the oscar for the first time. Some people think that all of that were impossible in the beginning, but can 't we see? The miracle happened, especially in hollywood life.

So we are.
If today we still feel like we are nothing and seem couldn't doing anything, prove yourself in the meantime you will do something great that give impact for others.

I can't believe my college year will find the ending soon and I will no longer have a class in the next semester. After about three years ago, I wondering could myself stay in this department, especially in this university? Could I made something precious, something worth it that could bring me somewhere I wanted to go after this phase? And now, the answer is yes. I can.

Day by day, I found the new Bari inside myself. Although I am no longer could be considered as an outgoing person like I used to be, I feel better right now. Some people in my high school wouldn't believe what miracle been happened in my university life and vice versa. Who will guess, Bari who is very very outgoing and active person in high school will look like an academic one in her college. Didn't join any organisation, but get along into laboratory assistant, competition and research project. Who will guess, Bari who is an adventurer when she were in high school will wears skirt everywhere and looks a little bit feminine for someone who didn't knew her well.

I failed a lot this year, especially in exchange and scholarship selection.. 2016 brings me to some places new. I went to several cities, with several competitions, met new people and gain so many positive vibes. Those competitions, my study, participation in social community, relationship with my relatives and  french course. I can't believe that I could make it balance through this year.  It was just exceed expectation, I couldn't ask for more. Alhamdulillaah, I am blessed.

I will entering my 8th semester in college soon. It means several months later I will got "ST" behind my name. I will doing my thesis. I will had a thesis defence and I will be graduated. Of course with a note: If I am struggling for it.

I know, there's some dreams that I haven't reach yet and targeting to get it within this year. And yeah, the choice is mine. Will I just sitting and dreaming or I am trying to seeking the way to go to a whole new world that I've dreaming of?

I hope the second one is me. :)

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